How to register to ICHC 2013 activities

Number of people have been asking us how to make a submission, and how to access it. Here is a summary of registrations available.

Submitting a paper, poster or special session

If you want to send an abstract for a paper, poster  or a special session please go to Call for Papers and the follow the links to the online submission system where you first have to register as an author.

Registration to the conference

If you want to register to the conference please go to Registration and then follow the links to the online registration system.

Registration to the website as a user

In addition you may register as a user to our website. This is for posting comments and communicating with other people. Follow this link for registration to the website. (Note: there is problem with BuddyPress that we are using for managing the user conversations, so we had to turn it off until the bug has been fixed, we hope to resolve the problem soon)

Please note that all registrations are separate so you have to give your details again for each of those systems.

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