Tour 2

ICHC Post Conference Tour 2 Programme

This tour provides an unique opportunity to travel through the famous lakeside region of Finland. We have about 180 000 lakes in Finland. The people in Eastern Finland are renown or their friendliness and are very talktative. Savonia and Carelia have different dialects and different food traditions. You will be experiencing some of the local delicacies. These regions have been the border areas between Sweden and Russia and you will notice this in the architecture and fortresses. You can experience Opera in very special surroundings inside the Olavinlinna Castle and if you wish have a sauna and swim in a lake viewing the midnigt sun! This tour is very recommendable!

Saturday 6th July 2013

  • 14.30  Depart to the Tour 2 from Jyväskylä Habour (After Tour 1)
  • Accommodation at Lomamokkila

Possibility to stay at Lomamokkila or join the Oopera group and spend evening at Savonlinna

Savonlinna -in middle of the lake district

Savonlinna is a town of 30.000 people. City was founded in 1639 based on Olavinlinna castle.

For non Opera Group:

-sightseeing in the town
-possible to have dinner (at own cost)


 For Opera Group:

  • 19.00 Opera La Traviata (premiere, sung in Italian, Finnish and English subtitles)
     for those that have booked the ticket
  • In honour of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Giuseppe Verdi, the Savonlinna Opera Festival is adding to its repertoire one of the best-loved and most frequently-performed operas of all time. For many an Opera lover this will mean a long-cherished dream come true: La traviata at last in Savonlinna!


Lomamokkila bed & breakfast








Sunday 7th July 2013

  • Breakfast at Lomamokkila (included)
  • 9:00 Depart for a visit to Lusto

Lusto is a national museum and science centre of international importance focusing on Finnish forest culture and illustrating the interaction between man and the forest from the past to the future.

  • Depart to Kerimäki

The Church of Kerimäki

We will visit the world largest wooden church build for 3000 people completed in 1847. It has been rumoured that the size of the church was the result of a miscalculation when it was built (supposedly the architect was working in centimetres, which the builder took to be inches, which are 2.54 times larger). Further studies, however, have shown that the church was actually intended to be as big as it is, so it could easily accommodate a half of the area’s population at the same time.

  • Back to Savonlinna
  • Lunch at the Seurahuone (at own cost)
  • Visit to Olavinlinna

Olavinlinna Castle

The Castle was founded in 1475 in effort to protect Savonia and to control the unstable border between Kingdom of Sweden and Russia. The Castle is the northernmost medieval stone fortress still standing.




Depart to the Sauna  with M/S Elviira. We will try to see Saimaa ringed seal.  They are among the most endangered seals in the world, having a total population of only about 260 individuals.

  • Evening relaxing in Sauna by the lake and typical evening supper a’la Savonia (included).  Note the sunlight during the evening! Possibility to swim. Bring your swimsuit with you.

Sauna with a view to a lake







  • Return to the  Lomamokkila

Monday  8th July 2013

  • Breakfast at Lomamokkila (included)
  • 8:00 Depart to Lappeenranta


Punkaharju, an ice age sand hill formation surrounded by a lake both sides

We will travel through Punkaharju an ice age sand formation which is a “national view”. This is a must to see in Finland!





Lappeenranta is a city with 72.000 inhabitants and it resides by the lake Saimaa about 30 km from the Russian border. Inside of the city there is a Fortress of Lappeenranta, which is one of the most visited attractions in Finland.

View of Lappeenranta from the fortress

Surrounded by the ramparts, this historic district represents the original town which began as a medieval trading centre during the Swedish regime in 1649. However, the majority of the buildings date to the period of Russian rule which lasted from 1741 to 1917. Since renovation, these buildings are now a mix of private residences, handicrafts workshops, museums and other cultural premises. It is also the site of Finland’s oldest orthodox church, completed in 1785, where visitors can view the 200 year old icon known as the Communion of the Holy which you’ll find in the middle of the north wall.Viewing the Sandcastle in Lappeenranta

The city is also famous for its sandcastle, the largest in Scandinavia. Every summer artists build an ever-increasing sandcastle (using over 3 million kilos of sand), with a different theme every year.




  • Visit to Aarno Piltzin collection of Carelian maps

Matteus Seutter Map of Carelia

This collection features the improvement of maps in the Carelia region.








  • Lunch in Lappeenranta (at own cost) and depart to Helsinki

Salpalinna a bunker line in Southern Finland

We will stop at Salpalinja which was built between 1940-44 as an ultimate defense line against a possible Soviet invasion. It was never used.  The line is 1200 km long, stretching from the Gulf of Finland to Petsamo in northern Finland (now Pechenga, Russia.



  • We will continue toward Helsinki. We will be stopping at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport at 16.00 and then continue to Helsinki where will be arriving approxminately at 16.30

The Tour price is 250 euro per person which includes following

-bus transportation during the trip
-guide (Leena Miekkavaara)
-accomondation (two nights) at the Lomamokkila in double room, there is a 75 euro additional charge of a single room
-visits to the museums and sights
-sauna and boat cruise
-indigated meals in the programme

There is an additional charge of 99 euro (40 euro tickets have been now sold out) for participation to the Opera. Transportation to and from Opera included.

Map of the Tour 2


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Jyväskylä: 62.244747, 25.747218
Savonlinna: 61.868702, 28.885056
Lomamokkila: 61.931601, 28.933525
Lusto: 61.799395, 29.321826
Kerimäki: 61.911714, 29.285543
Punkaharju: 61.767277, 29.370575
Lappeenranta: 61.054941, 28.189626
Hamina: 60.569203, 27.193846
Porvoo: 60.392837, 25.664568
Helsinki Vantaa-Airport: 60.307715, 24.980786
Helsinki: 60.169845, 24.938551
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Jyväskylä is the starting point of Tour 2, Jyväskylä-Savonlinna 208 km
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Savonlinna is the next stop with Opera and Cruise starting here
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Our accmmodation at
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Lusto The Finnish Forest Museum

Lomamokkila-Lusto 27 km
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Kerimäki Church
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Helsinki Vantaa-Airport
Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
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The conference organizers cannot accept liability for personal injuries sustained, for loss of, or damage to property belonging to  participants (or their accompanying persons), either during or as a result of the Tour.

Please check the validity of your own travel insurance.

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